W is for waistline, not Wedding

This dieting malarky is going OK, except that I woke up (and woke my other half up) with my grumbling stomach and 5:30 this morning. I’m enjoying using the nifty little app I menetioned before, and love that by cycling to work I can eat more, which is great, because I am famished.

So, I am fully engaged in the process of Shedding for the Wedding, but I should mention that it’s not mine, but by best friends 3 weeks today. I think I am more stressed about how I look for this event than I will be for my own wedding. The way I figure it, I can have a wedding dress with lots of nifty little tricks to slim my waistline and bingo wings (well I am hoping so) but as I bridesmaid I shall be there, alongside 3 other lovely ladies all wearing the same, and therefore instantly comparrable to the other. My fellow maids are the bride’s sister , and two friends from school. They are all lovely, but I should hasten to add that I have all the angst of high school reunion to deal with before even registering that one of them is a bloody model. (yes, she is paid to be beautiful, and slim).

I always knew it wasn’t just me who would be wishing the weight away, but since my first post I’ve come across a number of other blogging brides in the same position like Laura on The Bride Diaries and Kat on RocknRoll Bride, it’s a reall shame that we all feel this way when we should be preparing for our happily ever afters. So here’s to all Bride’s to Be. You are all beautiful and loved. Be happy x


One response to “W is for waistline, not Wedding

  1. Hi,
    I found your post from the trackback on The Bride Diaries, and I can totally understand your panic! I’m a bridesmaid (but not for a while yet) and a guest at a few weddings coming up..the fear of being the eternal “fat one” has me dieting my ass off and whilst I have a turbulent relationship with food, writing my blog has really helped me examine the reason behind my actions.
    I hope you get to where you want to be, I will be following your blog in earnest 🙂


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